Some Special Moments                          

A Dog Owner's Prayer                                        

O Lord don't let me once forget how I love my trusty pet.                                               

Help me learn to disregard canine craters in my yard.                                              

Show me how to be a buddy even when my sofa's muddy.                                               

Don't allow my pooch to munch, postal carrier's for lunch.                                               

Shield my neighbours cat from view-guide my steps around the doo.                                          

Train me not to curse and scowl when it's puppy's night to howl.                                           

Grant I shan't awake in fear with a cold nose in my ear.                                             

Give me patience without end-help me be "A Dog's Best Friend".                                            

RelaxWith My Kids     

Daily Training

Country Girl

Tootsie's 1st Best Of Opposite

Tootsie's 1st Best Of Breed

Tootsie's 1sr Group 1

Jericho Starts Training

Quality Time With Mom

Picture Perfect

Marnie's 1st Show

Crystal's1st 5 Point Major

Crystal's BabyBest Puppy

Cyera Saying Hi To Phalen

Reno's 1st Puppy Show

Turner Watching Babes

Savannah 3 Months

Savannah's 1st Points

1st Best Of Opposite

Turner 5 Months

Turner's Championship

Turner's Pool Time

Jayda 10 Weeks   

Jayda's Nap Time

Gorgeous Jayda 8 Months

Sleeping With Mom

Jenna's Gorgeous Babes

Jenna's Baby Cola


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